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15 June 2008

Another audience with America's savior

Thanks to my main man Bobby Henon, Bride Hickey and I were able to snag a couple seats at Saturday's Obama townhall meeting at Radnor Middle School, where the press pool outnumbered the attendees. It was rather nice to be on the audience side of such an event for a change so I could, y'know, enjoy the 10:15 a.m. event for which -- and you'll understand why this is noteworthy if you've ever covered politics -- the candidate arrived a couple minutes early.
The Man Who Should Be Our Next President spoke for about 20 minutes, mostly about the dire need for a cogent energy policy, taking a few shots at Crazy Ole Coot along the way. Then, he opened it up for questions from the audience about healthcare, Iraq, the nation's oil-refinery capacity, tax policy and education. It was a frank discussion of the issues and Obama urged people not to take his word for anything but to check out any independent analysis to show where he stacks up against McCain.
Particularly humorous was the portion during which Obama discussed McCain's trotting out of former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who, on a mission to woo those bitter Hillary dames, went on television to say that Obama will not cut taxes for anybody in the country. It was humorous because Obama went on a 15-minute explanation as to how he'll actually cut taxes for "95 percent" of the population. And it was even more humorous because nothing says "power-to-the-people" like the Hewlett Packard CEO, y'know?
On hand were state Rep. Daylin Leach (who's running for the 17th District state senate seat) and U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, who Obama shouted out and involved in a couple conversations as his Washington vouch.
Two quick observations:
Obama looked a bit more tired than when I saw him a few months back at the AFL-CIO Convention.
I like the edge he's developed: Not gonna take crap from the opposition. In fact, he's going to beat them to the punch.
Going to be an interesting/history-making five months.


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