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16 May 2008

We'll do it LIVE! He'll write it. And we'll do it LIVE!

Perhaps you caught this little snippet on The Colbert Report the other night as I did. And if so, you're still laughing inside to the thought of Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly flipping out because his teleprompter wasn't telepromptin' the words teleproperly. As Sir Steven pointed out, the Sting music he wanted to "play us out" with was the Soul Cages album. (The smart money's on Saint Agnes & The Burning Train, but sadly, we never get to find out for ourselves). Beneath the embedded video, the Soul Cages' rocking death-metal playlist.

01 Island Of Souls
02 All This Time
03 Mad About You
04 Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
05 Why Should I Cry For You?
06 Saint Agnes & The Burning Train
07 The Wild Wild Sea
08 The Soul Cages
09 When The Angels Fall


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