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14 May 2008

Psst, psst, psst, hey sugarmama, you lookin' fiiiiiine

Sure, people are dying by the tens of thousands across the globe as we type/read, but today's finest story comes to you courtesy of the fine people at And I quote:

As the weather warms each spring, women -- especially in cities with active sidewalk traffic -- once again face catcalls from men. It's a situation some find unnerving and an invasion of their space, while others ignore or are even flattered by.

"I call it street abuse," says New York City filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West, 49. "It's unwanted attention and invasion of space."

... [S]ome women appreciate the attention in certain cases, like Jessica, a 31-year-old health-care educator in Los Angeles, who declined to use her last name to protect her privacy. "Yeah, it's objectifying and all, but you know, if I walked down the street and didn't have men looking me up and down and catcalling, I'd think, 'Boy I must really be getting old and dumpy'," she says.

(Photo from NY Post ... of course)


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