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28 May 2008

Paul Clymer needs a lapdance -- STAT

I'm keeping myself out of this one, but suffice it to say, I can't get behind this here idea:

Strip club patrons in Pennsylvania will have to fork over $5 to the government every time they enter one of the establishments under legislation a Bucks County state representative plans to introduce in the coming weeks.

Republican Paul Clymer had aimed to bring forward the so-called “pole tax” in March. He was forced to rework it after the Texas law the proposal is based on was declared unconstitutional.

“I'm in full confidence we've made the proper refinements for this to pass constitutional muster,” said Clymer, whose 145th district covers 11 municipalities in Upper Bucks.

Pole tax. Really, POLE tax? How much worse is this than a POLL tax? Ok, a lot, but it's still pretty friggin wrong. And the Pole Tax Riots will likely surpass the Poll ones. Better knock it off, Clymer, or I'm'a call Pacman.


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