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16 May 2008

Miss Morgan gets another pound of flesh

I thought it was bad when Alfredo "Freddie" Morgan emptied his wallet at Glitter Gulch. Seems it can get much, much worse. Say, $399,900 worse:

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Charles Barkley acknowledged he owes a $400,000 gambling debt to a Las Vegas Strip casino and promised Thursday to repay it after a prosecutor said the retired NBA star faced criminal charges.

"My mistake," Barkley said in an interview at a pro-am golf tournament in Hoover, Ala. "I'm not broke, and I'm going to take care of it."

Thought #1: What happened to the days when a hotel "security" would drag you out in the desert, make you dig your own grave and leave you in it?

Thought #2: I need to take a lot more money with me to Vegas next year. American Hero Pacman Jones making it rain with 81K? The Round Mound of Rebound dropping 400 large? And The O.J. stops slouching down long enough to bust into a hotel room all Reservoir Dogs like to (almost) do a Marvin Nash on some dude? Brian's a little fish in a big, big pond, it seems.


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