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10 March 2008

Leaving on top

If winning a couple of oddly subjective awards qualifies as "top." Which it really doesn't, by any stretch of the imagination. If you watched The Wire finale last night, you know exactly of what I type.

In any event, the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association recently announced its Keystone Awards for the year 2007 and I took a couple:

First Place for column (Philly Blunt; I believe the ones about Eddie Sheed, the morning Michael Nutter was elected mayor and Darfur were submitted).

Second Place for sports story (The Strawberry Mansion All-Stars baseball league).

And honorable mention for series (Cocktails With -- the candidates in the 2007 primaries ironically).

So yeah, it makes me happy to snag a couple attaboys, especially the first for column, after leaving journalism. But the past is the past is the past. Check out to keep tabs on what's going on with what will be John's successful quest for the First Senate seat. (Whenever I can, I'll be posting blog entries from the events that the press doesn't cover. And, even those that they do, but miss the mark by a Pennsyltucky mile by doing little work besides relying on tired stereotypes.)

A win on April 22? The only award that matters right now.


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