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29 February 2008

And the vultures swoop

There's some blog chatter in town today about somebody posting something on some sort of journalism website to the tune of:

Angry Ex-Journalist
By now you may have seen the site Angry Journalist -- Is that a hacked Wordpress install? Pretty clever if so! -- where anonymous journalists rant about why they hate journalism.

While things aren't exactly going all that smoothly in the industry right now, journalists have been complaining since Johan Gutenberg said, "Fluch! Bewegliche gedruckte Art ist ein Ausfall." (According to Babelfish, "Damn! Movable printed type is a failure." I translated that from English, so the German translation is no doubt wrong.)

Anyway, a co-worker of mine (thanks, Alli!) came across a possible recent anonymous post that really fits well with a certain former editor of a local alternative weekly.

I'm angry because I gave up my career in journalism for a career in politics and no one trusts me now.

Oh, now, come on, Hickey! I can't speak for everybody, but I never trusted you -- to soil our youth by mocking a man trying to show them the evils of 4:20... becoming Johnny Doc's campaign manager was really your only option.

Philebrity also picked it up. So, let me say it loud and say it proud:

I'm as happy working the Dougherty for Senate campaign as I have been in years, if not decades. I mean, sure, the line sounds as if it could've come from me, but methinks somebody's already trying to jam me up. I mean, I know I'm in the public eye now and all, but for shame, jammer upper. For shame.

As always, any campaign questions? Drop me a line at bhickey [at] doughertyforsenate [dot] com.


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