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12 January 2008

I see the OJ, and he's slouching down, in jail

Looks like Whitey got his way again, dragging the O.J. back into jail for doing nothing than (allegedly) trying to get people to change their stories.
What has this world come to?

"O.J. did not try to persuade anybody to contact a witness," Yale Galanter told The Associated Press.

A prosecutor claims in documents filed Friday in Clark County District Court that the tape-recorded message they say Simpson left for Pereira in November was an effort to contact co-defendant Clarence "C.J." Stewart, which violated a court order.

"I just want, want C.J. to know that ... I'm tired of this [expletive]," Simpson is quoted as saying in the documents. "Fed up with [expletives] changing what they told me. All right?"

Pereira confirmed that Simpson left the expletive-laced 66-word message in which he expressed frustration at testimony during a three-day preliminary hearing in November.

"He was upset. He wanted me to tell C.J.," said Pereira, who also handled Stewart's bond.


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