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10 January 2008

Divisional Round Picks (and the countdown begins anew with Reggie)

At Green Bay -8 Seattle UNDER 41.5
At New England -13 Jacksonville OVER 49.5

At Indianapolis -9 San Diego UNDER 45.5
At Dallas -7.5 NY Giants OVER 47

Oh yeah, an excerpt of this week's column, too:

I'm not going to say it was necessarily what one would call a "good" idea, but it was, for a fleeting moment, a concept for this week's column, so why not share? First, I was going to hit the state store across the street and grab some plastic-bottle vodka along with a couple cans of Red Bull. Then, it was off to Rite Aid to pick up Vicodin, Ritalin, Zantac, NyQuil and the best over-the-counter sleeping and diet pills that company money could buy.

From there, I'd have headed home. Or, considering that Tuesday felt as if some new month called Junuary had been dropped onto the calendar, a park bench somewhere along Kelly Drive. I'd have washed down a couple handsful of assorted pills with three or four NyBullKas and whipped out a notebook to chronicle where the day took me.

I mean, what could go wrong? That's right, nothing could.


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