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11 December 2007

The Tattered Steal Curtain

Asked about how [ill-timed guarantee-speaker Anthony] Smith was tricked into allowing a long touchdown catch by Jabar Gaffney on a gadget play, Belichick said, "The safety play at that position was pretty inviting."

Give Belichick five yards for piling on.

Even worse for the Steelers: The trick play, which began with Brady flipping the ball to Randy Moss behind the line of scrimmage before getting it back to throw downfield, was a mirror image of one Pittsburgh ran while beating the Bengals 31-17 in a playoff game two years ago.

Losing to the Patriots was bad enough for the Steelers. Losing on their own play made it even worse.

Updated stats, including a fantasy-playoff victory to come later today.

(photo from NY Daily News)


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