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01 November 2007

This week's paper and It's Always Sunny

Football picks tomorrow, y'all. Today, just some links and highlights of a few things I wrote in this week's CP. It's our annual choice issue (Best of Philly variation), plus a column and a news piece from Tuesday night's Democratic Presidential Debate. Choice highlights (I edited the newsmakers section):

Most Fantabulous, Visionary-est Voters in the History of Democratic Elections
The 10,150 proud Philadelphians who pulled the lever in the May City Council at-large primary for T. Milton Street, aka "Big Balls Milton." If only 40,189 more followed their lead, we might have a 10-grand-strong army of residents patrolling the streets. Wait, are the people who voted for Milton going to be deputized? If so, where's my badge and Taser? The more Tasers we have on city streets, the better off we'll all be. Click, click, click, click ... —H

Most Inane Coverage in the History of a 169-Year-Old Sport

The homepage read, “Philebrity will be liveblogging from the first game of the Phils vs. Rockies at 3 p.m.” We’re all for pertinent liveblogging, so we checked it out. Here’s a sampling of the insights we found. “Never seen so much red at a game.” (Deep.) And, “Yo at this time i’d like to thank the weblinc and national mechanics posse very very much for the ticket hookup. Go to their quizzo, have them build your”… (So this is the future of advertising recruitment?) When I dropped a drunken line to MLB correspondent Joey Sweeney that night noting that he’d have to “do better than that,” he responded, “Dude you try blogging via cel phone.” And then, “If you were here [in parking lot section ‘fuck u’] right now i would beat the cirrhoses out of you.” Classy. Shame I wasn’t there; bigger shame that I didn’t show up at his “faggot” office in the morning as threatened and just accept my 36 Roundhouse hours. The lesson? Just because we have the technology, don’t use it unless you have something to, y’know, actually offer. —H

Oh yeah, tonight's the night I might appear on It's Always Sunny, so check out the pre-show interview, and tune in to FX tonight at 10. I'll be the guy in a green Phils hat walking past Charlie and Dee as they try to peddle blow on Market.


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