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10 October 2007

Sticking it to Baltimore

Well, it seems that CP pissed off some folks who live in that cesspool of humanity called Baltimore. From today's Philly Mag blog, courtesy of AJ Daulerio, who knows what I'm talkin'about:

Baltimore Officially Declares Poe War

The crab cake-stuffed cranks at the Baltimore Sun unleashed a scathing response to last week’s City Paper article by writer Edward Pettit, which offered a lengthy argument as to why the long-rotted corpse of Edgar Allan Poe should be returned to Philadelphia. Pettit claimed that Baltimore housing the author’s body was the equivalent of a “literary grave robbing,” and was hopeful that old, dead Poe would be returned to our city in time for his 2009 bi-centennial birthday.

Today, the Sun dismisses Pettit’s assertion, and offers some inspired quotes from Jeff Jerome, curator of the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum located in a Baltimore-hovel called “Charm City.”

“Keep your greasy, onioned, sub-stained hands off Poe!” he told the Sun in response to the story. Jerome offers some more fayishly aghast quotes, then says he’s going to take Pettit out to lunch and “punch him the eye.”

The Sun then summons Baltimore Ravens PR lackey, Patrick Gleason, to lob his own flaccid opinion: “I’d like to know where, exactly, are their eagles?” Gleason said. “I’ve seen pigeons but never eagles in the city.”

Gleason obviously doesn’t know that is a sore spot for the city, especially since Philadelphia’s skies were once filled with thousands of buoyant eagles — that is until Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and his thug entourage came to town in 2004 and stabbed them all to death.

The CP editorial staff is also bemused by the Sun swipe. EIC Duane Swierczynski tells the Daily Examiner via e-mail: “We stand by our story. I’m deeply saddened that Mr. Jerome went for a low blow with his ‘greasy, onioned, sub-stained’ comment. Not once did we make an Old Bay crack. Not. Once.”

“Anyway, if Poe were alive today, he’d be … well, he’d be kicking and screaming inside of his coffin, begging for release. But beyond that, he’d be hitching a ride up to Philly in a tell-tale heartbeat.”

Managing editor Brian Hickey was also upset by the article, but not that surprised. His response via e-mail: “I’d expect nothing less from the syphilis capital of the universe.”

Neither do we.


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