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30 October 2007

The Halfway Mark

... and the hole is deep. Through Week 8, season stats:

Line: 45-60-9

O/U: 54-60-1

Total: 99-120-10

Overall records through Week 8

Carolina 9-3
Baltimore 8-4
Houston 8-5-1
Atlanta 7-5
Minn 7-5-2
NYJ 7-6-1
Detroit, Tenn, Indy 6-5-1

Oakland, NE 7-7
Jax, Den, SD 6-6

Ariz 5-6-1
Buffalo, Cleveland, Dallas 5-7
Miami 5-7-2
Philly 6-8
Washington 4-6-2
KC 4-7-1
NY Giants, Chicago, St. Louis 5-9
Pittsburgh 4-8
SF, Seattle 3-8-1
New Orleans 3-9
Cincy 3-10-1
GB 2-9-1
Tampa Bay 2-11-1

Atlanta, Carolina 5-1
NE, Oakland 5-2
Baltimore 4-2
Indy 3-2-1
Minn 3-2-2

NYJ 3-3-1
Jax, Denver, SD, Dallas 3-3

Philly 3-4
Detroit, Ariz, Seattle, KC 2-3-1
Tennessee 2-2-1
Miami 2-3-2
New Orleans, Cleveland, Pitt, Buffalo 2-4
Houston 2-4-1
St. Louis 2-5
Washington 1-3-2
Tampa Bay, Cincy 1-5-1
NY Giants, Chicago 1-6
GB, SF 0-5-1

Houston 6-1
Baltimore, Detroit, Carolina 4-2
Minn, NYG, Chicago 4-3

SF, Jax, Tenn, Denver, SD, Ariz, NYJ, Wash, Buffalo, Cleveland, Indy 3-3

Philly, St. Louis, Miami 3-4
GB, Pitt, Dallas, Atlanta, KC 2-4
Cincy, Oakland, NE 2-5
New Orleans, Seattle 1-5
Tampa Bay 1-6

* some might be off by a game

26 October 2007

Week 8 picks

Cleveland -3 At St. Louis OVER 45
At Chicago -5 Detroit UNDER 45.5
Indianapolis -7 At Carolina UNDER 44
NY Giants (At London) -9.5 Miami UNDER 48
At Tennessee -7.5 Oakland OVER 40.5
Philadelphia -1 At Minnesota UNDER 37.5
Pittsburgh -3.5 At Cincinnati OVER 48.5

At NY Jets -3 Buffalo UNDER 37.5
At San Diego -9.5 Houston OVER 45
At Tampa Bay -4 Jacksonville UNDER 32.5
New Orleans -3 At San Francisco UNDER 40.5

At New England -16.5 Washington OVER 47.5

At Denver -3 Green Bay OVER 42

The Damage Done

As promised, here are the by-team prognostication stats thus far. Bolds are the ones that seem to be the real Best Bets, in lieu of the best bets that never seem to hit.

Overall records through Week 7

Houston 8-3-1
Carolina 7-3
Baltimore 8-4

Atlanta 7-5
Jax, Denver, SD 6-4
Minn 6-4-2
NYJ 6-5-1
Detroit, Tenn 5-4-1

Oakland 6-6

Ariz 5-6-1
Indy 4-5-1
Dallas, Philly, NE 5-7
Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh 4-6
Miami 4-6-2
KC 4-7-1
NY Giants, Chicago, St. Louis 4-8
SF 3-6-1
New Orleans 3-7
Seattle, Cincy 3-8-1
Washington 2-6-2
GB 2-7-1
Tampa Bay 2-9-1

Atlanta 5-1
Carolina 4-1

Baltimore, NE, Oakland 4-2
NYJ 3-2-1
Jax, Denver, SD 3-2

Dallas 3-3
Detroit, Indy, Tennessee 2-2-1
Minn, Miami 2-2-2

New Orleans, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo 2-3
Ariz, Seattle, Houston, KC 2-3-1
Philly, St. Louis 2-4
Tampa Bay, Cincy 1-4-1
NY Giants, Chicago 1-5
Washington 0-3-2
GB, SF 0-4-1

Houston 6-0
Minn, Baltimore 4-2
Detroit, Carolina, SF, Jax, Tenn, Denver, SD 3-2

Philly, NY Giants, Chicago, Arizona, NYJ 3-3

Washington, GB, Pitt, Buffalo, Cleveland, Indy 2-3
Dallas, Atlanta, St. Louis, Cincy, Miami, KC, Oakland 2-4
New Orleans 1-4
Tampa Bay, Seattle, NE 1-5

Week 8 picks coming soon

24 October 2007

I kinda Love NY

Aside from the big, big news that Freddie Morgan has finally procured a drivers license, this picture serves as a memento from a weekend trip to NYC/Homoken, where I had the privilege of watching JJ's choke-dogs drop a game to the mighty Denver Broncos. At a Stealers bar, nonetheless. Go team!

23 October 2007

Week 7 results

Man, maybe I just don't understand the NFL anymore, what with another subpar prognostication week. With a 6-8 (spread) and 7-7 (o/u) tally, the season stats have dropped further:

Line: 41-51-9

O/U: 48-53-1

Total: 89-104-10

Best Bets -

Line: 2-5

O/U: 4-3

'Least the Broncos beat the Stealers. I guess.

(Coming next week: Stats by team)

19 October 2007

Week Seven picks

At Washington -8 Arizona OVER 36
At New Orleans -8 Atlanta OVER 42.5
Baltimore -3 At Buffalo UNDER 35
At Dallas -9.5 Minnesota UNDER 46
New England -16.5 At Miami OVER 51.5
At NY Giants -9 San Francisco OVER 39.5
At Detroit -2 Tampa Bay OVER 44.5
Tennessee -1.5 At Houston OVER 38.5
At Oakland -3 Kansas City OVER 37.5
At Cincinnati -6 NY Jets UNDER 47
At Philadelphia -5.5 Chicago OVER 41.5
At Seattle -8.5 St. Louis OVER 39.5
Pittsburgh -3.5 At Denver OVER 39

Indianapolis -3 At Jacksonville OVER 45

Best bets:
Tampa getting two at Detroit.
Giants/SF over 39.5

18 October 2007

This week's column...

... can be found here. Keep an eye out for next week's, as well, which promises to be one of the, um, sexiest I've written.
Football picks coming tomorrow.

16 October 2007

Stats through Week 6

Line: 35-43-9

O/U: 41-46-1

Total: 76-89-10

Best Bets -

Line: 2-4

O/U: 3-3

Man, I blow.

A few highlights though; when it comes to the spread I'm 4-1 thus far on Atlanta, Carolina and New England games and on the o/u, Houston clocks in at a mean 5-0. For what it's worth.
Go Cubs.

14 October 2007

Another Slow News Day in Syphilisville

I presume the Baltimore Sun's Laura Vozzella had a point to make Sunday when she rehashed last week's piece about our cover story from a week earlier about bringing Poe back to Philly. I'm just not sure what it is. To wit:

Thin of skin in Philadelphia
Laura Vozzella
October 14, 2007

Philly didn't mind when Baltimore beat back the Brits in 1814, but we defend our most famous author and -- sheesh!

I reported the other day on the Philadelphia City Paper's claim that Edgar Allan Poe was more Philadelphian than Baltimorean and that his remains should be moved to the City of Brotherly Love. I quoted a couple of Baltimoreans who, with a few colorful but completely justified anti-cheesesteak and anti-Eagles slurs, demurred.

"[C]rabcake-stuffed cranks," declared Philadelphia's Daily Examiner blog, which also quoted City Paper managing editor Brian Hickey: "I'd expect nothing less from the syphilis capital of the universe."

Hey, Atlanta holds that distinction today, thank you very much. Baltimore ranks waaay down the list at, um, fourth.

One of my Sun colleagues, H.L. Mencken, called Philadelphia "the most pecksniffian of American cities." And the Pecksniffs were particularly ticked by this comment from Baltimore Ravens spokesman Patrick Gleason: "I'd like to know where, exactly, are their eagles? I've seen pigeons but never eagles in the city."

"Gleason obviously doesn't know that this is a sore spot," the blog says, "especially since Philadelphia's skies were once filled with thousands of buoyant eagles -- until Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and his thug entourage came to town in 2004 and stabbed them all to death."

Youse guys can boo players and Santa all you want. Baltimore is proud of its steadfast (if warped) support for the justice-obstructing linebacker, who, by the way, beat the double-murder rap. Even if he'd gone down, we'd let Lewis vote, just like any other felon.

Stuff that in your Cradle of Liberty and rock it.

Seriously, you can do better than "rock it," right? Even if the ravages of syphilis have rendered your city, oh, I don't know, a wee bit short on witty responses?

12 October 2007

The Classiest Guy in History...

... is me. For, I just made a wager on the Cowboys/Patriots game with a homeless man. Judgement call: Do I collect if I win? Would Day Man?

Week 6 picks, brought to you by the Night Man

If you don't know who the Night Man is, it's time to set the TiVo and find out.

So anyway, here are the picks. Do with them what you will.

Cincinnati -3 At Kansas City UNDER 42
At Jacksonville -6.5 Houston OVER 37
At Cleveland -4.5 Miami OVER 45.5
At Chicago -5 Minnesota OVER 37
Philadelphia -3.5 At NY Jets OVER 42.5
At Baltimore -9.5 St. Louis UNDER 37
At Tampa Bay -3 Tennessee OVER 38
At Green Bay -3 Washington OVER 40.5
At Arizona -5 Carolina UNDER 40.5
New England -6 At Dallas UNDER 53
At San Diego -10 Oakland OVER 44
At Seattle -6.5 New Orleans UNDER 43

NY Giants -3.5 At Atlanta OVER 44

Picks of the Week:
Spread - San Diego minus 10. You can lay 30 here if you'd like.
O/U - Green Bay/Washington over 40.5

10 October 2007

Sticking it to Baltimore

Well, it seems that CP pissed off some folks who live in that cesspool of humanity called Baltimore. From today's Philly Mag blog, courtesy of AJ Daulerio, who knows what I'm talkin'about:

Baltimore Officially Declares Poe War

The crab cake-stuffed cranks at the Baltimore Sun unleashed a scathing response to last week’s City Paper article by writer Edward Pettit, which offered a lengthy argument as to why the long-rotted corpse of Edgar Allan Poe should be returned to Philadelphia. Pettit claimed that Baltimore housing the author’s body was the equivalent of a “literary grave robbing,” and was hopeful that old, dead Poe would be returned to our city in time for his 2009 bi-centennial birthday.

Today, the Sun dismisses Pettit’s assertion, and offers some inspired quotes from Jeff Jerome, curator of the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum located in a Baltimore-hovel called “Charm City.”

“Keep your greasy, onioned, sub-stained hands off Poe!” he told the Sun in response to the story. Jerome offers some more fayishly aghast quotes, then says he’s going to take Pettit out to lunch and “punch him the eye.”

The Sun then summons Baltimore Ravens PR lackey, Patrick Gleason, to lob his own flaccid opinion: “I’d like to know where, exactly, are their eagles?” Gleason said. “I’ve seen pigeons but never eagles in the city.”

Gleason obviously doesn’t know that is a sore spot for the city, especially since Philadelphia’s skies were once filled with thousands of buoyant eagles — that is until Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and his thug entourage came to town in 2004 and stabbed them all to death.

The CP editorial staff is also bemused by the Sun swipe. EIC Duane Swierczynski tells the Daily Examiner via e-mail: “We stand by our story. I’m deeply saddened that Mr. Jerome went for a low blow with his ‘greasy, onioned, sub-stained’ comment. Not once did we make an Old Bay crack. Not. Once.”

“Anyway, if Poe were alive today, he’d be … well, he’d be kicking and screaming inside of his coffin, begging for release. But beyond that, he’d be hitching a ride up to Philly in a tell-tale heartbeat.”

Managing editor Brian Hickey was also upset by the article, but not that surprised. His response via e-mail: “I’d expect nothing less from the syphilis capital of the universe.”

Neither do we.

It puts the lotion on its skin...

... or else it gets the hose again.

Stats through Week 5

Pretty bad, if I say so myself. Things will turn around, though. I feel it in my wallet.
Overall -
Line: 28-39-7
O/U: 36-38-1

Best Bets -
Line: 1-4
O/U: 3-2

Anyway, here's a tease as to what tomorrow's column will be about. Long live Pacman!

09 October 2007

When ISN'T it time for the Percolator?

08 October 2007

Free Pacman

ATLANTA (AP) -- Suspended Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones said he's done enough to be reinstated back to the NFL early....

"I think I did enough. I did pretty much everything Mr. Goodell asked me to do. So, all I can do is just wait and go back to speak with him," Jones said in an interview in Sunday's editions of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Jones said he's been using the time to restore his image. He also has two felony coercion charges pending against him in Las Vegas for a strip club fight and triple shooting on Feb. 19.

"I'm just staying to myself, taking this time out to worry about things I need to do better as a person -- whatever I got to do in the community, whatever I have to do to better my image as a person so I can get back on the field," he said Friday.

Dixie Carter, president of Total Nonstop Action wrestling, said Jones has been a "model team player." Jones signed with TNA in July and won TNA's tag team title with Ron "The Truth" Killings last month despite being barred by a restraining order from doing anything physical that would hurt his future NFL playing career...

Restoring his good name, indeed. An American hero.

Now, for football. Through last night's Bears win, I went 5-8 and 8-4-1 in Week Five. Pending the outcoming of tonight's best bet Cowgirls cover, the season-to-date picks stand at:

28-38-7 (line)
35-38-1 (spread)

63-76-8 (overall)

Not good.

05 October 2007

Week 5 picks/Latest HCWDB

Douchebag sez what?

Springsteen show tonight, so have to get these picked early and accurate, right? This has to be the week things turn around.

At New Orleans
-3 Carolina 44

Jacksonville -2.5 At Kansas City UNDER 36

At Washington -3.5 Detroit OVER 46.5

At Tennessee -8 Atlanta UNDER 40.5

At Houston -5.5 Miami UNDER 43

At Pittsburgh -6 Seattle UNDER 39.5

At New England -16.5 Cleveland OVER 48

Arizona -3.5 At St. Louis OVER 40

At NY Giants -3.5 NY Jets UNDER 41

At Indianapolis -10 Tampa Bay OVER 45

At Denver -1 San Diego OVER 43

Baltimore -3.5 At San Francisco OVER 35.5

At Green Bay -3.5 Chicago UNDER 41

Dallas -10 At Buffalo UNDER 44.5

Best Bets:
Line - I hate to do it, but I can't avoid that Dallas game. They'll win by 21, easy.

Spread - Tough pick this week, but I figure neither Seattle nor Pittsburgh tops 20 points this week, leading to the under 39.5 guess.

04 October 2007

This week's column...

... can be found here. I'm going back into my Cubs/Phils cocoon now.
Football picks tomorrow.

02 October 2007

Call me the Mets of picking football games

Because I'm just that bad.
Week four game in at a rousing 4-10 on the spread and 8-6 on the over under, driving
the season low-tals to:

23-31-7 (line)
27-34 (o/u)

Best bets
1-3 (line)
2-2 (o/u)

Horrible. Just horrible. (At least the fantasy team pulled even at 2-2 this week.)

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