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02 August 2007

This week's column, etc.

So, a couple of us from work headed down to B-mo yesterday to hang out on the set of The Wire. Unfortunately, sworn to secrecy, so can't discuss what we saw - who I didn't see? Snoop. Which hurts. But I'll get over it, considering she has a memoir coming out soon - suffice it to say, the show's final season, which starts airing in January, promises to be a good one with new characters, new themes. (We saw scene's from the ninth of 10 final episodes; many thanks to creator David Simon, and his wife Laura Lippman, who granted us access and took us on a tour of the sets).

Back in the real world, though, here's this week's column.

Go (first place) Cubs. (Feel free to chime in on the debate if you're so inclined.)


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