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25 July 2007

Random Quote from a Book Deemed Good Enough to Bring Home; Vol. 2

Rising anger now, painful throbbing in the head. "Fuck you, Squane! I'm on nobody's team! If you want my vote you know damn well how to get it - and that goddamn dope-addict girlfriend of yours didn't help any."
Squane smiles heavily. "Tell me, Virgil - what was it you wanted for the vote of yours? A seat on the federal bench?"
"You're goddamn fuckin'-A right! You got me in bad trouble last night, J.D. When I got back here my wallet was gone and there was blood on my hands."
"I know. You beat the shit out of her."
"Look at these photographs, Virgil. It's some of the most disgusting stuff I've ever seen."
Squane hands them across the table.
"Oh my god!"
"Yeah, that's what I said, Virgil."
"No! This can't be me! I never saw that girl! Christ, she's only a child!"
"That's why the pictures are so disgusting, Virgil. You're lucky we didn't take them straight to the cops and have you locked up." Pounding a table with his fist. "That's rape, Virgil. That's sodomy! With a child!"
"Yes, Virgil - and now you're going to pay for it."
"How? What are you talking about?"
Squane smiling again. "Votes, my friend. Yours and five others. Six votes for six negatives. Are you ready?"
Tears of rage in my eyes now. "You evil sonofabitch! You're blackmailing me!"
"Ridiculous, Virgil. Ridiculous. I'm talking about coalition politics."

- Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson with Illustrations by Ralph Steadman; 1973


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