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31 July 2007

Random Book Quote, Vol. 7

Sorry to come atcha with this one early, but I'm out of town early tomorrow on a story. So with no further ado....

After one's teenage years, there are only two ways an adult human head can expand. The first is from acromegaly, a disorder in which the pituitary gland produces excess growth hormone. Diagnosed in approximately 60 out of every million people, acromegaly derives its name from the Greek words for "extremities" (acro) and "great" (megaly). ...
The second way an adult human's head can grow - and the only available explanation of Bonds's cranial expansion - is with the use of human growth hormones (HGH), a dangerous, illegal polypeptide that regulates multiple metabolic and growth functions.
- Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of An Anti-Hero; Jeff Pearlman

Happy 756 Hunting, Barry!


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