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09 July 2007

Maybe a boto made your baby

Great piece in yesterday's New York Times about efforts to find an elusive, yet likely mythical creature that roams the Amazon. It's called the mapinguary, and it has bad breath. But in the story came the best fable I have ever, ever, ever, ever heard in my life. To wit:

Amazon folklore, in fact, is full of fanciful creatures that are used to explain unwelcome or embarrassing phenomena. The boto, for example, is a type of dolphin that is said to be able to transform itself into human form, wearing a white hat to cover its air spout, and seducing and impregnating impressionable young virgins.

So, say there was a virile dolphin roaming around Center City, but he was wearing, say, a blue hat. Would he be a Boto? Or does the lid have to be white? I don't know, but I will most certainly be philosophizing on this one for a spell.


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