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31 July 2007

Dude actually can't be touched

From my CP co-worker, Drew Lazor:

OK, so we've all seen the Filipino prisoners dancing to "Thriller" video. It's already so passe. Seriously, it was having the best week ever on VH1's Best Week Ever yesterday. Yeah yeah. God, fame is so...disposable!

What you might not have seen is the video of Chinese rapper MC Qiangqiang performing — STEP FOR STEP — the entire dance routine from MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" while his mom knits on the couch next to him. ... I wouldn't be surprised if this video — which is hilariously hosted on YouKu, China's version of YouTube — reaches Cebu Correctional Facility-type Internet fame within the next few weeks.

I feel that it is my duty — as an Asian-American and as a dork — to share this link with everyone so you can truly grasp the context of the video. (Read the second part of the post...the first part is — yes — the Filipino prisoners dancing to "Thriller.")

It's a brief background about the video itself compiled by Oliver Wang, hip-hop scholar and one of my favorite bloggers. I'm not sharing it to be a douche — on the contrary, I just feel that it is infinitely more funny once you understand that, through the power (or ineptitude?) of the Chinese bootleggers, early '90s acts like Hammer and Kriss Kross became the unwitting ambassadors of hip-hop music in China.

So, in the next few weeks, if one (OR ALL) of your friends IM and e-mail you in a frenzy trying to put you onto the latest Asian dancing video craze, you can tell THEM what's up.

That's all! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Dude's right.


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