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17 May 2007

The Right Man Won

I've been a slacking blogger. I know this. But, what can you do? Been a busy past couple weeks with the final push to the election.
Which, I must say was a bittersweet occasion. For one, it feels like Philly might have actually been saved, now that Michael Nutter is all but our mayor. As in, wow, we actually elected a qualified person who won't use the office as an ego-boosting grab-bag for his friends and contributors. How novel.
But on the downside, seems there are only 10,150 Philadelphians who were wise enough to see what Milton Street would have brought this fine city. Shame on everybody else.

So, for old time's sake, here's a link to my Cocktails With the likely mayor to be from back in February, and a couple thoughts I'd shared with readers about Nutter's plan to attack crime - oh, about 8 months before it became a hot-button campaign issue - and his nasty smoking ban.

After we ran a story about the potential ban in the Food section a few weeks back, letters poured in, mostly pro-ban. Some were even spell-checked. For the time being, let's stick to those supporters, aka the Michael-Nutter-for-mayor campaign-killers. (Think I'm kidding, Nutter? Get that ban passed and you can damn well be sure that we French revolutionaries with press passes, and there are a lot of us, will defiantly light up at home as we write endorsement columns in '07.)

To think I'm actually happy he's now in charge...

Go Cubs.


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