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02 March 2007

March 2

15 days till Vegas. Woo. Hoo. Normally, I'd be a bit amped, but no no nononononono sir, not today. For I'm still on cloud nine from yesterday's Milton Street rally. If you ain't from Philly, it probably won't make all that much sense, but here's the video of 1) the mayor's brother 2) who is running for mayor himself, even though he apparently living in Jersey 3) at a rally outside City Hall 4) throughout which a man played a keyboard 5) even as Milton rolled a casket onstage, draped himself over it and started singing a gospel hymn. (He said he'd drop out of the race if 5,000 people didn't show up. About 200 did, 100 of whom were reporters, but Milton's still in!) The magic really starts with about 1:18 left in the video.

If I could make this shit up, I would have. Long ago.


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