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06 February 2007

39 days

Ok, so I was a couple points off with my 27-18 pick (a field goal's worth, actually), but by hitting both the spread and the under, I staved off a loss for the season. Whoo is me.

Overall, for the season:
Spread: 127-127-7
O/U: 141-116-3
Total: 268-243-10

(Factor in the vigs on 50s, and that translates to about, oh, a $15 win over the past 19 weeks. Which, in Baltimore, translates to a week's worth of ointment, as LBR can attest.)

Fun while it lasted, but I gots some work to do before I can leave gainful employment and become a taut, that's for sure (though I did thrive on the best bets). For now, though, it's time to turn my energies toward college hoops and state Sen. Vince Fumo's indictment, which it seems will be announced at a morning press conference over at the U.S. Attorney's Office. (Check the Clog for updates later if you're so inclined.)


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