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04 January 2007

Empty the bank account and call the book

That sound you heard crashing into the ground yesterday was my liver returning from Key West. And yes, it hurt. But hope all y'all had a great New Years and whatnot.
Mine was great, until I watched the end of the Broncos game, and then got word about Darrent Williams. Fuckin' tragedy. But, any worse than the thousands of young black men killed in similar fashion annually?

Enough with the heavy, though. Seems as if my pre-departure picks were pretty damn good. Hope you bet along. Went 11-4 on the spread; 10-5 on the over-under and nailed both best bets. All of which sets us up for some final regular season stats and the reason I wasted so much time with this for the past 17 weeks: Playoff locks. WARNING: A lot of stats to follow; scroll to the bottom to get to wildcard weekend trends.

So, with no further ado:

Spread: 49.79%
O/U: 57.63%
Total: 52.56%

Best Bets
Spread: 60%
O/U: 76.47%

In other words, yep, the odds sure seem to be close to a coin flip, except when I'm pinpointing over/unders, at which point, perhaps it's time to move to Vegas. Win 76.47% of the time and there's money to be burnt, yo.

So anyway, here's how I fared with the playoff teams this year:


NE 70%
Jets 66%
Dallas 63%
San Diego 61%
N.O. 54%
Philadelphia 50%
Giants 50%
Chicago 50%
KC 48%
Baltimore 46%
Seattle 46%
Indy 41%

Eagles 67%
NO 64%
NE 62%
Jets 60%
Baltimore 57%
KC 53%
Dallas 50%
SD 50%
Chicago 50%
NYG 43%
Indy 42%
Seattle 42%

NE 79%
Dallas 77%
Jets 73%
SD 71%
Giants 57%
Seattle 50%
Chicago 50%
NO 43%
KC 43%
Balt 36%
Indy 33%
Eagles 33%


Bye Teams:
Chicago -- 50 percent across the board
New Orleans -- 54 overall; 64 spread; 43 ou
San Diego -- 61 overall; 50 spread; 71 ou
Baltimore -- 46 overall; 57 spread; 36 ou

Pats 70 62 79
Jets 66 60 73
Avg. 68 61 76

Seattle 46 42 50
Cowboys 63 50 77
Avg 54.5 46 63.5

Eagles 50 67 33
Giants 50 43 57
Avg 50 55 45

Indy 41 42 33
Kansas City 48 53 43
Avg 44.5 47.5 38

All of which is to say, if you like the odds:

The three New England/Jets picks should come out great, as should the Couwgirls/Seahawks over/under. The Birds/Giants seem like a crapshoot. And, going the opposite way on the Indy/KC picks might serve you well.

Coming later today, the picks themselves. Go Birds!


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