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04 January 2007

Dog Day Weekend

The numbers have been crunched, and here's what they found:
-- Tiki will be crushed (well, sort of)
-- the J-E-T-S, will Play. Another. Week.
-- the lucky-Denver-blows Chiefs will make it interesting in Indy and
-- the Cowskirts will keep Philly's host-the-NFC-championship-game hopes alive.

In other words, all the dogs will cover. What the hell, it's been that kind of season anyway. So, here are the picks (check out the previous post to see the odds of any of this actually coming true. Hint: the Jets are a lock.)

Indy -7 K.C. 51
A shoot-out waiting to happen since Indy has no D, but has pretty-lil Peyton.
Final score: 28-27 Indy.

Seattle -3 Dallas 47
Another shoot-out. (For Dallas, see note above on Indy's D. And for Seattle, well, they're home and they got playoff experience.)
Final score: 34-31 OT Dallas

New England -8.5 Jets 37.5
Following in the shoes of Sean Payton, Eric Mangini will best his masterminded mentor. And even though the 8.5 is frightening, division games in the playoffs should be tight.
Final score: 16-14 Jets

And finally,
Birds -7 Giants 46.5
Tougher than expected, because nobody expects it to be tough, even Jersey City's Dinesh Dadlani, who's rooting against his own putrid organization. A long TD to Greg Lewis, a sure-footed David Akers, a boozed-up crowd, and a riled-up D all mean one thing:
Final score: 20-16 Eagles

But remember, people. Football isn't everything.


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