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23 January 2007

And it all comes down to this

Greetings. Biggest Bears fan in the world here. But first, would like to congratuate you Cowboys fans on having no coach, and you Steelers fans, well, on having a new coach. Very exciting times, no?

Well, I'm jammed up trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to write about in this week's paper, so I'll leave you with this: After 17 regular season weeks, and three playoff rounds, I sit precisely one game under .500 for the season spread picks. One. Game. Which is good because there is precisely one game left. (Worry not, I'm 24 games over .500 on the spread. (But, if this were about money, and not, as is the case amusement, I'd be down $115 on the season -- not factoring in the lucrative best bets)

Spread: 126-127-7
O/U: 140-116-3
Total: 266-243-10

I'm working on getting all the Super Bowl proposition bets out of Vegas. Speaking of which, the countdown is down to 53.


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