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14 December 2006

This week's story, and the Thursday pick

Well, here's why I couldn't post all that much last week; was busy down in the old A.C. stomping grounds writing a piece about the still-unknown hooker serial killer; and, about the Irish Pub which, I concur, is no dive bar. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

Speaking of serial killers, early next year, we're going to start hearing more about one of the absolute sickest ones ever. Seems some guy who owns a pig farm up in Canada, from which he sells sausage, has taken to killing a bunch of hookers up that way too. (Not to mention the dude over in England right now as well.) But here's the nastiest part: The courts won't allow reporters to share details until the case starts, on Jan. 6, I think, but apparently, they're already seeking counselling from what they heard. This probably has to do with the fact that police have warned people who bought sausage from pig-farm guy that their savory breakfast meat might have had a little hooker in it.

Now, onto something uplifting: Gambling. Because it's only 94 days till Vegas, y'all.
So tonight, the Niners go to Seattle, where the Seahawks, who got embarrassed last week, can clinch the division. Which they will? But will they cover the 9.5? Yes. And the game will stay under 40.5 in the process.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why everyone got to kill these nice hookers?


10:09 PM  

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