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11 December 2006

Brees-ie Does Dallas

"That was a pretty good licking. I can't think of anything we did very well."
Yes, boys and girls, those are the words of one Bill Parcells, coach of the Cowboys, a team that had been considered destined never to lose again -- until they got their doors blown off on national TV Sunday night.

Romo had the worst game of his budding career: 16-of-33 for 249 yards, with two interceptions and a fluke touchdown to Terrell Owens on what would have been another pickoff if cornerback Fred Thomas wasn't wearing a cast.

Happy to see he's rehearsing, though. 'Cause once the Birds get through the Giants next week (fingers crossing here), Christmas Day will be the day the Eagles take the NFC East lead right out from under T.O.'s nose as if someone cut in front of him in the gloryhole line when he turned his head for a second.
Now, while it couldn't be construed as a licking, a 9-6 tally on the spread, and 8-7 on the over/under qualifies as a victory similar to the Eagles hold-on-for-dear-life besting of the Skins. But, like the Birds, I'll take it. Here are the season stats updated through the game which exposed the Cowgirls for the frauds they are:

Spread: 99-96-7 (50.77%)
O/U: 114-85-2 (57.29%)
Total: 213-181-9 (55.59%)

Best Bets
Spread 7-5-2 (53.33%)
O/U 11-3 (78.57%)

As for tonight's game, I'm torn: Does the upset train continue, making the NFC more of a mess than it already is, or does Chicago seize a big opening and pretty much seal up home field throughout the playoffs with a win over a St. Louis team still not entirely out of the mix?

I know this much: I like the game staying under 41. As for the spread, what the might-as-well-be-a-coin-flip hell, Chicago minus 6.5.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must be out of your god damned mind...Don't you know it's Friday?!?!? Say goodbye to AI & get yourself ready for Vegas b/c your football season is over. You've got nothin till McNabb returns.


9:09 PM  

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