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09 December 2006

Adios, Allen Iverson

Can't tell a lie: Watching the A.I. break-up start last night was utterly fascinating. Not to mention depressing. I've long been a fan of people who bust their asses and do their jobs regardless of what other people think, and say, about them. That said, I can see that Philly and Allen is a relationship that can't be mended. (Did Ed Snider, who never, ever goes to Sixers games, have to seem so happy in exclaiming that he'd be moving Iverson though?)
But, before he gets shipped off to Denver or Boston or Indianapolis, it's worth noting that this city - for all of Allen's faults, and being a no-tip-leaving prick at TGIFriday's from City Line Avenue to the Parkway is among them - owes him a debt of gratitude.
Maybe prak-tiss wasn't high on his list of priorities, but nobody can question his heart once the whistle rang on the game. At least he'll now have a chance to win a championship, which is something the 76ers won't be doing anytime soon. (Having written a couple of stories on A.I. during his tenure here, I have to say that, personally, I found him to be a stand-up guy willing to answer questions one-on-one; can you blame him for thinking he was regularly ambushed by people who didn't get what he was about though?)

All of this is to say, thanks Allen. You did Philly proud and you'll be missed.


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