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03 November 2006

This week's picks

At St. Louis -2.5 Kansas City OVER 48

At Baltimore -3 Cincinnati UNDER 41

At NY Giants -13 Houston UNDER 43

At Jacksonville -9.5 Tennessee UNDER 37.5

Dallas -3 At Washington UNDER 42.5

At Buffalo -3 Green Bay OVER 40

New Orleans -1 At Tampa Bay UNDER 38.5

Atlanta -5.5 At Detroit OVER 47

At Chicago -13.5 Miami UNDER 37.5

Minnesota -5 At San Francisco OVER 43

At San Diego -12.5 Cleveland UNDER 42

At Pittsburgh -2.5 Denver OVER 37

At New England -3 Indianapolis OVER 48

Best Bets: New England feels like the lock of the year thus far, what with Indy beat up and tired after luckily escaping the new Mile High. And the day Peyton proves that he can actually go into N.E. and do anything but choke is the day I'll think otherwise. The Pats are finding their stride and will send a message meant to resonate come the playoffs. I figure they'll cover three every quarter and walk out with a double-digit win sealed with late-game TD drive.
As for the O/U lock, St. Louis/KC seems destined to be a high-scoring game, but 48's tough. Instead, there look to be two games that'll stay low enough to bet the under: N'Awlins/Tampa for one, and Chicago/Miami. But as much as I still don't buy into da Bears,. I worry that they could put 27 up, meaning Miami could cover at 14 and put the game over. I have no such worries about the Buccaneers, though.


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