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02 November 2006

Hey new eyes, thanks for stopping by

I'd like to welcome those of you joining us, well, me, from Joey's post on Philebrity. But since you're here, allow me to say this site isn't merely about betting football, though it'd be easy to make that leap. Rather, it's an amusement-purposes-only experiment to see if I can outpick those who regularly make the picks and, who knows, land a Vegas linemaking job one day.

Anyway, you're here because you read Joey's wittle apology about mocking the lede I wrote on our CP Choice package. So allow me to retort: Yeah, it was pretty bad. The worst ever? Nah. But pretty hack nonetheless. And having worked Christ knows how many hours writing and editing prior to that is no excuse. So sorry if I ruined your day!

But where me and Those Who Sit at Computers All Day Commenting on Others' Work Rather Than Doing Any Work for Themselves part ways is here: If you're going to criticize, please evolve beyond the third-grade schoolyard catcalls. By all means, rip me to shreds as publicly as you'd like, but in doing so, have some substance to your criticisms. Like, "Did you really need to recycle a bad TV-show theme song? How about just saying the story's about the good and bad things in Philadelphia, and get out of the way?" As opposed to, say, "You're a stupid dumb-dumb, dummie."

So in closing, while I find it absurd that he put that apology online, I must say that it's going to be a fun day when I get to write the inevitable column about the lawsuit that shuts Philebrity down. And, like I told Joey earlier, I personally guarantee that it'll start off with one of the best ledes I've ever written.


P.S. Ashlea's last name is spelled "Halpern," not that the rules of real journalism need apply to hipster message boards.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep this up. It's hilariously embarrassing for you, and hilariously hilarious for me.

10:36 PM  

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