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27 November 2006

Fly Eagles ... oh, I just can't

Never thought a Birds game would be so bad that, rather than watching the second and third quarters, the TiVo found its way to Shark (not a bad show at all, if you don't mind somewhat-predicable court dramas) and Engineering an Empire (the Aztecs' smarts were, in retrospect, pretty sick; but not as sick as Cortez pictured and his colonizing Spaniards - if you can, check it out, the end of the Montezuma II has a Return of the King battle feel.)
But enough about that. Let's talk about mediocrity; as in this week's 8-7 tally on the spread and 8-7 tally on the over/unders. Hey, at least the Jets and the Bengals/Browns came through for a B.B. sweep, right?
Well anyway, here are the updated tallies, which ought to jump a little higher when Seattle covers the 10 in a game that goes over 42.5.


Spread: 84-81-6 (50.91%)
O/U: 94-74-2 (55.95%)
Total: 178-155-8 (53.45%)

Best Bets
Spread 7-3-2 (70%)
O/U 9-3 (75%)


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