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07 October 2006

Let it Burn

Lo siento for having forgotten to get the picks up yesterday. But in my defense, after all, it is T.O. week, and I've been quite busy stockpiling pill bottles, copies of Suicide Solution and Terrell's favorite publication, Man Root.
In case you were wondering, it's T-minus 30 1/2 hours till kickoff and I'm sure security down at the Linc is getting its attack plan by now. Godspeed gents; it's gonna be all April 26, 1992 tomorrow, well, minus the race riots.
So, as I must get out of here to pick up a new pair of Lootin' Gloves, here are the selections:

At Indianapolis -18.5 Tennessee Over 48
At NY Giants -4.5 Washington Under 45.5
At Minnesota -6.5 Detroit Over 40
At New Orleans -6.5 Tampa Bay Under 35
St. Louis -3 At Green Bay Under 47
At New England -10 Miami Over 37
At Chicago -10 Buffalo Over 34.5
At Carolina -8 Cleveland Under 37.5
At Jacksonville -7 NY Jets Over 37
Kansas City -3.5 At Arizona Over 39
At San Francisco -3 Oakland Over 40
At San Diego -3.5 Pittsburgh Under 37.5

Now, at 6-1-1, I'm starting to feel a little heat with the Best Bets. But I'm not gonna let it get to me. So, with the over/under, I can't envision any circumstance in which the Kansas City/Arizona game stays under 39 points. It's over, in a big way.
It was a bit tougher to pick the spread game of the week this go-round, though. I toyed with Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Buffalo, New England, and Tampa Bay, but ultimately, I have to go with Favre getting three at home against a mediocre St. Louis team. The Pack didn't look bad last Monday night against an Eagles team that's far and away better than St. Louis. Well, at least in the first half. So, I'm gonna roll the dice here and say the Pack cover the three. But, there's something about Buffalo and the 10 that keeps grabbing my eye, so give it a close look as well.

Now, of course, let's get onto the game to end all games:

At Philadelphia -1.5 Dallas Under 44

Gotta be honest here: I'm a little worried about the Birds' secondary giving up too much, but I gots a feeling the D line will do its job, getting to Bledsoe enough to render the secondary weakness moot. And besides, when was the last time the Birds got to play before such an emotionally charged crowd? They'll pull it out late, with an Akers field goal in one of those classic 20-17 type NFC East games. (Go Birds!)
But, here are a couple more proposition bets, with the lines set by yours truly:

Times Owens helped off the field: 1 1/2 (OVER)
Times Owens helped off the field on the Irvin cart: 1 (PUSH)
Times stale announcers trot out the tired snowballs-at-Santa story: 7 (OVER)
People who run onto the field during game: 5 (UNDER)
Owens TDS: 1 1/2 (OVER)
Times game stopped because things thrown onto the field: 2 1/2 (OVER)
Arrests: 15 (OVER)
Times announcers broach the question of whether Owens' problems stem from the fact that he's afraid to come out of the closet: One (UNDER, unless Fox hires someone who likes to tell the truth)


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