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30 October 2006

Too Much Jibba Jabba

The numbers speak for themselves:
Spread (2-11); O/U (7-6)

Spread: 52-52-6 (50%)
O/U: 61-47-1 (56.5%)
Total: 112-99-7 (53%)

Best Bets
Spread 5-1-2 (82%)
O/U 6-2 (75%)

28 October 2006

Temple: The New San Dimas High School Football?

I say yes.
And I thought everybody should know I just got my brakes replaced.
And Go Birds!

At Tennessee -3 Houston UNDER 41.5
At Philadelphia -7.5 UNDER Jacksonville 40.5
At Cincinnati -3.5 OVER Atlanta 44.5
At NY Giants -9 Tampa Bay UNDER 40
At Chicago -16 San Francisco UNDER 42
At Green Bay -3.5 Arizona OVER 44.5
At Kansas City -4 Seattle UNDER 37
At New Orleans -1.5 Baltimore UNDER 37
At San Diego -9.5 St. Louis OVER 45
Pittsburgh -9 At Oakland UNDER 39
At Cleveland -2 NY Jets OVER 37
At Denver -3 Indianapolis OVER 39.5
At Carolina -5 UNDER Dallas 41

I didn't hestitate for a second to put a little bb next to Carolina as soon as I saw this game. And the line didn't even matter. Horrible quarterback. Horrible Line. T.O. Shouldn't even be close.

At first I thought Cincy/Atlanta was a lock to hit over, but after DosEquising the idea, not so sure. Same with Cincy and the Jets. So, I'm a bring it closer to home. To the Linc, aka Pier 35.
Prediction one: No walkway collapse. Prediction two: Neither the Birds nor the Guars over 20. Under, it is.

27 October 2006

T.O. Soils Salad

We've long known that Terrell Owens is a petulant little bitch, but this time, he's gone too far. I mean, turning himself into a dead roof rat to ruin his coach's wife's dinner? For shame!

He said the women didn't find the rat until taking the salad home to eat, and that a manager from the McDonald's "didn't offer any comfort" after driving to their house to see the rodent. The suit was filed after the restaurant didn't follow through on promises "to make things right," he said.

"The family needs closure," Casterline told The Associated Press. "It came to a point where you have to draw a line."

Terrorists Targeting Philadelphia?

All you Philly haters might be getting the biggest break since the heroes in The Sum of All Fears wiped that cesspool called Baltimore clear off the map. Problem is, this ain't fiction, y'all. City Paper's mob writer Brendan McGarvey is reporting that Philly is among several cities named in an FBI bulletin about potential strikes between Halloween and Christmas. Read all about it here.

So, yeah, this kinda makes the football picks seem a bit less important today, but that doesn't mean I'm not poring over the lines as we speak and planning to post them this afternoon.

26 October 2006

This week's column

is about Bob Clarke.

23 October 2006

My humble apologies

Well, totally forgot to put the Giants/Cowgirls pick up before kickoff since I was catching a preview of the Borat movie. Which was utterly hilarious. But you'll have to wait to hear more until the a.m., as it's couch and TV time.
To tide yourself over, check this out, and realize that, yes, it can get even funnier.

And the winners keep rolling in

Yeah, yeah, I know ... if football, oddsmaking and the like is of little interest to you, well, so is this blog lately. To that end, I'll try to work some more stuff in here. Like about how Atlantic City is a wonderful, wonderful place. But it is Monday, and I do have pick-stats to report, so here goes:

Week 7 stats
Spread: 7-4-1
O/U: 7-5
Total: 14-9-1

Spread: 49-41-6 (54%)
O/U: 54-41-1 (59%)
Total: 103-82-7 (56%)

Best Bets
Hit the spread, but missed the over/under. For the season:

Spread 5-0-2 (100%)
O/U 5-2 (71%)

I'll post the Monday night game in a while.

20 October 2006

And an albino will save the day

Not that albinos are incapable of saving any day of course.

The Week in Picks

San Diego -5 At Kansas City OVER 41
Jacksonville -9.5 At Houston OVER 40.5
New England -5 At Buffalo UNDER 37
Pittsburgh -2.5 At Atlanta UNDER 37.5
At Miami -5 Green Bay UNDER 40
Philadelphia -5 At Tampa Bay OVER 43
At NY Jets -3.5 Detroit OVER 42
At Cincinnati -3 Carolina UNDER 44
Denver -4.5 At Cleveland UNDER 31.5
At Indianapolis -9.5 Washington OVER 48.5
At Seattle -6.5 Minnesota UNDER 41
Arizona -3 At Oakland OVER 39.5

As much as I figure Denver's ready for a big-time upset, what with the way the offense has been playing, I just can't envision that defense giving the Browns much more than a Winslow reception or five. In other words, 4.5 looks like a gift. All Broncos.

And for the over/under, mine eyes see Pittsburgh/Atlanta staying under 37.5. Because Pittsburgh is evil. And Michael Vick sucks.

19 October 2006

This week's column...

is about games of chance. Like the ones that will be played in Vegas in a mere 147 days.

Plus, a story about one of the classiest dames there is.

Go Birds.

17 October 2006

Almost time to start charging for picks

But that'd be illegal. And I'm a morally upstanding person. Plus, it's only the best bets that are going Vegas-style well.
Anyway, with Arizona covering, the overall record continues to climb into point-spread-picking respectability. Here are the updated season stats. Info on next week's column to come in a while, but it's not all that unrelated.


Spd: 42-37-5 (53%)
O/U: 47-36-1 (57%)
Ttl: 89-73-6 (55%)

Best Bets:
Spd: 4-0-2 (100%)
O/U: 5-1 (83%)
Ttl: 9-1-2 (90%)

16 October 2006

Tonight's game

Sorry if I just don't believe in Rex Grossman yet, or the thought that the Bears will be amped to get some national attention.

Chicago -12.5 At Arizona OVER 40.5

Week 6

Denver looked bad. The Eagles choked worse. But at least the picks were on, somewhat. An overall 14-10 day, hitting both best bets. Making for:

Spd: 41-37-5
O/U: 46-36-1
Ttl: 87-73-6 (54%)

Best Bets:
Spd: 4-0-2 (100%)
O/U: 5-1 (83%)
Ttl: 9-1-2 (90%)

13 October 2006

The picks

Cincinnati -5.5 At Tampa Bay Under 43
At Washington -10.5 Tennessee Under 39
At Dallas -13 Houston Under 43
Buffalo -1 At Detroit Over 39.5
Seattle -3 At St. Louis Under 44.5
At Atlanta -3 NY Giants Over 42
Philadelphia -3.5 At New Orleans Under 46
At Baltimore -3 Carolina Over 33
At NY Jets -2 Miami Over 36.5
San Diego -10 At San Fran Over 42.5
At Pittsburgh -7 Kansas City Under 36.5
At Denver -15 Oakland Under 36

As for the best bets, I'm figuring Baltimore's descent into syphillis-driven badness started with last week's loss to Denver. Carolina needs some wins. They'll get one Sunday.
And, if memory serves me correctly, the Jets/Dolphins have played a lot of high scoring games over the years. As rivals tend to do. This week will be no different. It'll go well over 36.5.

11 October 2006

Vital Lidle

This Lidle crashing a plane into a Manhattan high-rise story got me trying to figure out what Arthur Rhoades, almost-seer of the near future, is thinking this evening.

From Corey Lidle's Wikipedia page:

After being traded by the Phillies in July 2006 at the trade deadline Lidle called out his former team. "On the days I'm pitching, it's almost a coin flip as to know if the guys behind me are going to be there to play 100 percent." He noted he was joining a Yankees team that expects to win all the time.

"That's why I'm most excited about it," Lidle said. "Sometimes I felt I got caught up kind of going into the clubhouse nonchalantly sometimes, because all of the other guys in the clubhouse didn't go there with one goal in mind."

In response former teammate Arthur Rhodes said, "He is a scab. When he started, he would go 5 1/3 innings and (the bullpen) would have to win the game for him. The only thing Cory Lidle wants to do is fly around in his airplane and gamble. He doesn't have a work ethic. After every start, he didn't run or lift weights. He would sit in the clubhouse and eat ice cream. ... He shouldn't say that, he shouldn't say anything like that because he is a scab. He crossed the line when guys like me, Flash (Tom Gordon) and (Mike) Lieberthal were playing. He is a replacement player."

Long live the King

Police: Officers Served Pot In Hamburgers

LOS LUNAS, N.M. -- Los Lunas police told Action 7 News several employees at a fast-food restaurant in Los Lunas cooked marijuana into several Isleta officers' hamburgers late Sunday night.
It happened at the Burger King on Main street around 11:30 p.m.

Valiant effort and all, but they'll never, ever be Grimace or the Hamburglar. Though I could see Grimace trying something 'long those lines.

This week's column ....

.... doesn't exist, since I was home sick Monday and Tuesday. Lo siento.

Updated stats

Through the end of Week 5:

Spread: 33-33-5 (50%)
O/U: 40-30-1 (57%)
Total: 73-63-6 (54%)

Best Bets:
Spread: 3-0-2 (100%)
O/U: 4-1 (80%)
Total: 7-1-2 (85%)

09 October 2006

Monday Night Pick

At Denver -5.5 Baltimore OVER 33

Now, don't take that to mean Denver isn't going to win the game. They will. But Baltimore will be in it up until the end. Probably a loss of the 23-20 variety.

Go Birds!

The damage done

Not a bad week. And I'm not just talking about watching T.O.'s ego shrivel up and decease itself. Went 7-3-3 on the spread and 9-4 on the over unders, including a push on the spread Best Bet and winning the O/U Best Bet. All of which means:

Season stats before the Broncos/Ravens Monday Night tilt:

Spread: 33-32-5 (51%)
O/U: 40-29-1 (58%)
Total: 73-61-6 (55%)

Best Bets:
Spread: 3-0-2 (100%)
O/U: 4-1 (80%)
Total: 7-1-2 (85%)

Now, I need to get back into my sick bed and mull over tonight's game. Will get back online later with the pick, but I'm a already leaning toward the mighty Broncos if it's a pick you need this second.
Go Birds.

08 October 2006



07 October 2006

Let it Burn

Lo siento for having forgotten to get the picks up yesterday. But in my defense, after all, it is T.O. week, and I've been quite busy stockpiling pill bottles, copies of Suicide Solution and Terrell's favorite publication, Man Root.
In case you were wondering, it's T-minus 30 1/2 hours till kickoff and I'm sure security down at the Linc is getting its attack plan by now. Godspeed gents; it's gonna be all April 26, 1992 tomorrow, well, minus the race riots.
So, as I must get out of here to pick up a new pair of Lootin' Gloves, here are the selections:

At Indianapolis -18.5 Tennessee Over 48
At NY Giants -4.5 Washington Under 45.5
At Minnesota -6.5 Detroit Over 40
At New Orleans -6.5 Tampa Bay Under 35
St. Louis -3 At Green Bay Under 47
At New England -10 Miami Over 37
At Chicago -10 Buffalo Over 34.5
At Carolina -8 Cleveland Under 37.5
At Jacksonville -7 NY Jets Over 37
Kansas City -3.5 At Arizona Over 39
At San Francisco -3 Oakland Over 40
At San Diego -3.5 Pittsburgh Under 37.5

Now, at 6-1-1, I'm starting to feel a little heat with the Best Bets. But I'm not gonna let it get to me. So, with the over/under, I can't envision any circumstance in which the Kansas City/Arizona game stays under 39 points. It's over, in a big way.
It was a bit tougher to pick the spread game of the week this go-round, though. I toyed with Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Buffalo, New England, and Tampa Bay, but ultimately, I have to go with Favre getting three at home against a mediocre St. Louis team. The Pack didn't look bad last Monday night against an Eagles team that's far and away better than St. Louis. Well, at least in the first half. So, I'm gonna roll the dice here and say the Pack cover the three. But, there's something about Buffalo and the 10 that keeps grabbing my eye, so give it a close look as well.

Now, of course, let's get onto the game to end all games:

At Philadelphia -1.5 Dallas Under 44

Gotta be honest here: I'm a little worried about the Birds' secondary giving up too much, but I gots a feeling the D line will do its job, getting to Bledsoe enough to render the secondary weakness moot. And besides, when was the last time the Birds got to play before such an emotionally charged crowd? They'll pull it out late, with an Akers field goal in one of those classic 20-17 type NFC East games. (Go Birds!)
But, here are a couple more proposition bets, with the lines set by yours truly:

Times Owens helped off the field: 1 1/2 (OVER)
Times Owens helped off the field on the Irvin cart: 1 (PUSH)
Times stale announcers trot out the tired snowballs-at-Santa story: 7 (OVER)
People who run onto the field during game: 5 (UNDER)
Owens TDS: 1 1/2 (OVER)
Times game stopped because things thrown onto the field: 2 1/2 (OVER)
Arrests: 15 (OVER)
Times announcers broach the question of whether Owens' problems stem from the fact that he's afraid to come out of the closet: One (UNDER, unless Fox hires someone who likes to tell the truth)

05 October 2006

Tick tock

104 hours till kickoff.

This week's column...


03 October 2006

Go Birds

Thanks to the Eagles second half, they covered the spread, but still didn't get over 49. But who really cares? It's T.O. time.

Season records:
Spread: 26-29-2 (47%)
O/U: 31-25-1 (55.4%)
Overall: 57-54-3 (51.4%)

02 October 2006

I am ready for some football

Well, before the season started, I thought this game was a classic trap. Birds looking ahead to Dallas. Fav-ruh on his last legs, trying not to end his career with an 0-for Philly. But not no more. Nope, the Birds should decimate the Packs' defense and the D'll have Fav-ruh running for his southern-boy life.
Final score: Eagles 37, Packers 17. Birds cover the 11.5 and the game goes over 49.


If you have HBO, check out "Wait 'til Next Year," the network's incredibly entertaining documentary about the Job-like existence of Cubs fans nationwide. With some great, I've-never-seen-before footage about their historic collapses and outright choke-jobs, it's a history lesson in the Nine that'll win the World Series next year. Or maybe the year after that.

But remember, we wouldn't even be having this conversation if that spawn-of-Satan, headphone-wearing dipshit Steve Bartman would've kept his friggin' hands to himself. Or, if a black cat didn't hop out on the field and circle Ron Santo at Shea in '69. Or, if the ticket takers would've just let William Sianis and his freakin' Billy Goat into Wrigley back in '45.

The Countdown is on

As of 7 a.m. EST, there will be 153 minutes remaining until Eagles/Cowboys kickoff. Getcha pill bottles (and ether) ready!

Phase Three: Profit!

Well, the pre-MNF picks were better this week. 7-5-1 on the spread and 9-4 on over/unders running the season tallies to 25-29-2 (spread) and 31-24-1 (o/u) for an overall 56-53-3 record prior to the Birds/Packers game.

Cleveland's comeback helped me scrape out a push on the spread Best Bet, putting me at 3-0-1. Meanwhile, St. Louis/Detroit, as expected, went over 43.5 by - yes - the end of the third quarter, running the o/u BB record to 3-1. Overall, Best Bets are 6-1-1 through week four.

Birds/Pack pick will go up this afternoon.

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