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27 September 2006


Well, in this place up till a minute ago, was a post mocking T.O. and his allergies. Had to take it down, though, considering dude might have tried to kill himself and all. No mocking here; if it's true, it's tragic. But if you've read my articles about him last year, you can probably discern what I think his motive might have been.
Here's hoping he doesn't die.
The Dallas Morning News' Web site has a link to a pdf of the police report.

Go Birds.

UPDATE: If, in fact, the Owens' camp is falsely claiming that nothing happened when it actually did, well, the sympathy's gone altogether and I'll be lining up with the rest of the degenerates to taunt him outside the hotel when he comes to town.

UPDATE PART II: Good God am I happy he's no longer in this town. Load up on the pill bottles. 10/8, 10/8, 10/8.


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