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25 September 2006

The Damage

Go Birds.
Go Broncs.
Go Irish.
Go Phils.
And, what the hell, go Scarlet Knights. Do it for Jersey!

Not a bad week, unless you're talking about my putrid picks for the second out of three weeks (but like I've always said, each game's a coin flip until the end of Week 4.
Though I nailed both best bets, driving the record to 3-0 on the spread and 2-1 on the over under, the 10-15-1 performance overall makes it impossible to hypothetically break even tonight. Which is good. Because, at 6:53 a.m., I still have no friggin idea which way that MNF game's gonna go.
Part of me says the lock of all locks; how can N'Awlins lose on their return home to a town where the people need them to win. But the other part of me says that Superdome's gonna be haunted. I'll flip a coin at lunch and get back to you.

Week Three:
Spread: 5-7-1 (season, 17-24-1)
O/U: 5-8 (season, 22-19-1)


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