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08 August 2006

(Re-)Action News

So, I get home last night and flip on the Channel 6 news. Of course, there's a story about Rick Mariano heading off to prison on Monday (he ended up at Ft. Dix). But that's not what really grabbed my attention; here's what did: The fact that Action News' Dann Cuellar had the balls to do an interview with Mariano and throw a big old EXCLUSIVE tag up on the screen (listed under "Video: Dann Cuellar reports").
Sure, Mr. I Wish I Was Geraldo, you mentioned in your intro that it was his lone "televised" interview since his conviction, but that doesn't, by any stretch of the imagination, make your story EXCLUSIVE when, in fact, there's a 4,400-word story about him STILL OUT ON THE STREETS.
You should be ashamed of yourself, Dann. But not as much as you should be about the fact that you pick up a street dialect to fit in better, yo, holmes, when you're doing interviews in the 'hood.
You're a pathetic weasel who regularly brings shame upon his family, Dann. Seriously.


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