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23 August 2006

The man who should have been president...

... if it weren't for the current President's sleazy, reputation-obliterating WMD attack in South Carolina, is again making perfect sense. Which, Jebus willing, he'll continue to do between now and the end of '08 to protect the White House from Hillary.

McCain faults Bush administration on Iraq

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Republican Sen. John McCain, a staunch defender of the Iraq war, on Tuesday faulted the Bush administration for misleading Americans into believing the conflict would be “some kind of day at the beach.”

The potential 2008 presidential candidate, who a day earlier had rejected calls for withdrawing U.S. forces, said the administration had failed to make clear the challenges facing the military.

“I think one of the biggest mistakes we made was underestimating the size of the task and the sacrifices that would be required,” McCain said. “Stuff happens, mission accomplished, last throes, a few dead-enders. I’m just more familiar with those statements than anyone else because it grieves me so much that we had not told the American people how tough and difficult this task would be.”


Anonymous Tina said...

Wait, what?!

For starters, the last sentence of his quote makes absolutely no sense. That's a diarrhea thought of a man unable to digest the disgraceful disparity between what he's actually done and what he wants you to think he's done. The only good I make of it is that at least he has a conscience.

But really, does it grieve poor -ohh-so-heavy-hearted McCain more knowing he lost all his conviction and willingly drank the White House Kool-Aid so he could get the Republican party support he is still reeling about losing last election, or is he realizing "Oh shit, now I'm going to lose to the American public...and after this 'day at the beach' crap, probably my party again"?

This campaign rally Master of the Obvious bit deserves absolutely no applause. Yeah, it was a big mistake to underestimate the Iraq war effort. But the biggest one was doing so in light of the countless military and intelligence official reports warning of this exact scenario we have now before we went, after we got there, and almost every day since.

And bullshit to the notion that the American public never heard how tough this would be. The only credit one can give Bush is that from the get go he said this was going to be a long, tough war, and in jumbled words and actions he has reiterated that we have to "stay the course". (Yesterday's news about the involuntary recall of Marines and that the number of troops is back up to 138,000 is his latest example.) McCain has stood by and supported him all along, including pledging 100% confidence in the administration on Meet the Press on Sunday. Now, in a forum where he can talk, talk, talk without having to field questions, he tries to save himself by throwing them under the bus? You want to be a fence sitter, the referee, fine. But don't cross the lines and play both sides.

What a jackass. And how disappointing, he legitimately once had potential.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Tina said...

The following debate continued via email:

HICKEY: Oh man. Not one of those folk who think Hillary could be president, are

TINA: seriously, what could be worse than what we have now? so for that and the feminist reason, i would vote for her. but i am hoping biden runs.

HICKEY: Christ. This is what happens when you let women vote.

But seriously, nothing could be worse than what we have now. But a lot could be better than the Ice Queen.

(Biden is gonna run, but I just can't see him getting enough support out in the hinterlands to pull it off).

TINA: yeah, we bring reason, logic and tits to the table. what a terribly confusing combination for men to handle. (nick would be proud i wrote 'tits'.)

HICKEY: And I'm proud as well. In fact, I may steal that phrase at some point. "Tits to the table" has a hell of a ring to it.

TINA: i kind of like the ring of it too. i look forward to seeing it in print.

by the way, that is nothing but republican party propaganda labeling hillary the "ice queen". no better way to alienate countless women in charge either at work or home than to infer that having decision-making power automatically = being a bitch.

HICKEY: Oh, it's hardly propaganda, dear.

I can't stand even looking at her. If she was any sort of strong woman, she'd have stood up to her whore husband when he had slampigs blowing him at work. She cares about nothing but corralling more power, and that's scary to me, whether there be tits at the table or not!

TINA: thanks for the laugh . she, hillary clinton, singly cares about nothing more than coralling more power? uhm, i guess you missed the memo outlining the m.o. of our current administration? she's not the one supporting the conversion of an entire muslim nation into our identical walmart christian democracy.

and that's what a woman gets for supporting her marriage? that's a shame. jackie kennedy didn't get that. and not for nothing, but since when is it anyone's right to set judgment and standards on how marriages are supposed to operate? oh right, i forgot -- since the self-righteous christians took over. these fools who were once lost on coke, gambling, prostitutes, are so now sanctimonious to pass judgment and act as if no one else can determine who deserves forgiveness. the rush these people must get knowing they have gotten to the intellect of so many...

HICKERY: Last thing I'm going to do is defend these friggin' morons in charge who sped up the clock on Apocalypse Day.

But hell, c'mon, Jackie O didn't have political aspirations of her own. Hillary kept her mouth shut, and supported her sham marriage, solely so she could run for President. Apples and oranges. I must say, though, I'm offended. You make it sound like there's something wrong with coke, gambling and prostitutes. When, in fact,there isn't.

(And by the way, I think your hometown would be getting more security money than an Indiana petting zoo if McCain were president today)

TINA: no, no, you know i fully support coke, gambling and prostitutes. (legalize it all, i say. and what the hell, tax it and make honest people out of all who enjoy being involved.)

my point is, i'm against those like brain-fried, perma-sniffling bush with his born again christian alienating views or that saturday night pillow biting sunday morning bible carrying carl rove, who so boldly preach the philosophy of "hear me now and believe me later. it's best you do as i say, don't question or do what i do".

same situation if hills was president. actually, let's just call that a tie -- i think it would be more if anyone else other than bush was president.

HICKEY: Oh, they can go f uck themselves. Which I why I'm pissed McCain ain't in charge.

But that doesn't change the fact that Hillary's a power-hungry ice queen, toots.

TINA: name one way she is any more power hungry that mccain. just one. i defy you to come up with something legitimate.

and she is no more "icy" than anyone else in her position, regardless of gender. as for him, he is completely wishy-washy, which is worse. who the hell wants a wet dishrag for a president.

HICKEY: I already did, doll: Staying with a slampig-slamming husband not out of love, but out of having one to hold over his head when it came time to bring their elect-Hillary-next plan to fruition. I'll take a dishrag, a dirty, stankass dishrag, over that.

But it certainly is nice of you to insult a veteran who did time as a POW. Not that Hillary would know how to serve, let alone spell military.

TINA: that is not legitimate at alllllllll. that's totally your speculation, and unjustified. neither of us, nor anyone else is in any position to try and claim knowing firsthand the bond they share through many years of marriage, that included producing a child. that would be as legitimate as me calling laura bush powerless for staying with georgie b/c of his coke addiction.

thanks to the notion of freedom of speech, i am 100% at liberty to express my opinion of an elected official who happens to be a war veteran playing poor politics. if it offends, then good -- something was learned. as for hillary not serving in the military, it would never had made sense for her to, but it certainly doesn't mean she couldn't serve as president. just because you have military service does mean you know the first thing about diplomacy (we're doing great with iran, n.korea, lebanon-israel), tactical operations (iraq), military planning and deployment (iraq, iraq, iraq, raising the army enlistment age to 42!, recruiting in prisons and best, overseas), or homeland defense (i think we touched on the great use of the department's budget but katrina is also worth a mention). or maybe that's just my opinion based on the current president's experience in the air national guard.

not to mention, the goal of a president is not to keep our military beefed up to its highest levels and permanently engaged in combat for the forseeable future. it's high time we acted like the civilized nation we are supposed to be, got off our "super" power high horse, and take a look around to see that unjustifiable war is not the answer to keeping the peace.

yeah, so i'm still waiting for one legitimate reason to say hills is more power hungry that mccain...

HICKEY: Wow, quite the Hillary apologist, aren't we? What time is the "You Go Girl, Hillary!" meet-up over on Sheridan tonight?

And I'm not saying that "HIlls" is more or less power hungry than McCain, or that you shouldn't have the right to criticize anybody (Look at what I do week after week). I'm just saying he's done a lot more in the name of his country than stand by his man, or move whatever "home state" would land her in the Senate quickest.

TINA: nice try. interesting choice of words, using the negative "apologist" instead of the positive "supporter". i'm assuming that's what you consider yourself for defending mccain?

i will go tit for tat (been trying to rework tit into the dialogue again) on their senate voting records, their choice in choosing candidates, their shady scandals (he has one too), their anti-chrisitan-like family values (he's divorced once), and the candidates they have supported all you want. at the end of it, he better as hell have a long and positive voting record that resulted in direct benefit for his state and the country -- he's only been at this, for what, 20 years, compared to her 6? but let's focus on the present state of affairs. he's showing the fleshy underbelly of his weak side, his inability to keep and stand up for his convictions, and he's going to be rightfully attacked for it.

with hillary, you know what you are getting. with mccain, you know that he has the intelligence, has the experience, has the voice, but for god knows whatever reason, he's opted to use them for bad. what in the world is that all about? if that is not a power hungry move, i don't know what is.

HICKEY: See, you're missing what I'm all about. But go ahead with the voting records (won't take you long to complete "Hills'". And you best not be talking about the black-baby scandal; if so, you're no better than Dubya. What has he done in the name of bad? Try to rein his party in after getting absolutely decimated by those scumbags? Offered realistic options before this shit got out of control? Been an actual leader?

My point being: all that stuff might make for a good think piece, but I'm a judge of personality, of what a person will actually do if given the chance to lead, of the core of who they are.

McCain is a good man - could've been a great president hadn't he been whored out.

But Hillary's no more than a decent-at-best man - could've been a decent politician if she hadn't been played by her pimp husband and adopted New York as a home out of political convenience.

TINA: here are some great nuggets, in no particular order, to provide insight into mccain's character:

- at a republican fundraiser he attempted the following joke:
Q: why is chelsea clinton so ugly?
A: because her father is janet reno.
very, very classy to attack the daughter of a president for none other than her looks (especially considering his own disfigured face, the carney-folk freakishly short arms, and what appears to be a mouth full of rotting teeth. i really think the latter is an effort to win over the favor of the citizens of our satellite nation, england.) he did apologize, the same way my nephew qualifies his apologizes to my niece after deliberately hitting her by saying "i'm sorry it hurt".

- the divorce from his first wife carol was a result of extramarital affairs (plural). the good part, *one* of the other woman is his current wife. the bad part, he started having the affairs while his first wife was recovering from a car accident.

- he and four other senators were involved in a savings and loan scandal related to the collapse of most of the S&L institutions in the country. the good news is he said he was sorry and said that experience was the basis for him wanting to make campaign finance reform changes. sort of the equivalent to boy george having to clean up trash as part of his public service sentence for making false police claims.

leader? no, not now. he could have been. then he played the part of the court jester in our govt’s version of "the emperor's new clothes". and now with 60% of the americans catching on to the false pretenses surrounding this entire war, he wants john q public to conjure up images and soundbites of that old mccain from the 2000 election. but it's too late. on sunday you don't say on a national program that "i support the president 100%" and then go out on the campaign trail on tuesday, in ohio no less, and say "they deceived you and acted like this was going to be a day on the beach" as if he is not part of the "they". what a conveniently timed, but poorly planned disassociation. he's offered no solutions to get out of the mess we're in. and he's done nothing to unite his party. instead he's just gone along to get along, like a good sheep does. funny thing is, he's still considered a democrat in republican clothing.

(of course the above exchange ends with me getting the last word. but i'm sure that won't last long...)

5:52 PM  

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