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29 August 2006

For Posterity's Sake

In light of all the recent awesomeness surrounding the T.O./Cowboys relationship, I thought I'd reach out to my buddy Pete and let him know just how excited I was for the upcoming season, what with the Eagles now assured of nothing worse than a 3rd-place finish. Well, for the record, here was his text-message response:

"We don't need him to play...this team is good"

To which, I rolled on the floor, laughing my ass off. For hours. In fact, I still am.
Tee, Oh; Tee-oh, Teeoh, Tee-ohh
Teeee Oh, Teeee Oh!!!!


Blogger T.O. said...

I just wanted to remind all Eagles fans that it was Roy Williams who broke TO's ankle & ruined the Eagles best chance for a championship. No point, just a friendly reminder.

10:01 PM  

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