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18 July 2006

Somebody PLEASE put a muzzle on baby Terrell

Maybe we could tolerate him when he was catching 80-yard touchdowns and helping the Birds get to their first Super Bowl since 1980. But now I'm starting to think - OK, I've been thinking it for more than a year, but you get the point - that it's time for a T.O. boycott. The man has absolutely nothing to offer society. He's a crybaby. A self-absorbed, emotional-development-stunted whiner. And now, Mr. Come Over to My House and Watch Me Do Sit-ups in the Driveway is blaming the media for all his woes.
Earth to T.O.: You ARE a selfish player.
You ask "Why you?" Here's why, Terrell: Your persecution-complex ploy is so utterly transparent that even 10 year olds - you know, the kids who have surpassed your maturity level - can see right through it.
If the world thought it was bad when the fans at the Vet cheered Michael Irvin's injury, wait till October when T.O. tries to go across the middle on B Dawk.


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