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14 June 2006

This week's column...

... is on the Bernard Hopkins/Antonio Tarver fight (I probably won't be able to post it on here until tomorrow morning). Don't waste much time reading it, though - rather, be sure to take a good long look at Mike Regan's photos. After eluding security and sitting right next to me seven rows from the ring rather than his assigned perch somewhere up in the rafters, my man rolled into Hopkins locker room immediately after his last fight and got a timeless black-and-white shot that is among the best sports shots I've seen in some time.
And since I couldn't get to it in the column, here's a list of some of the celebrities who were there: Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Jessica Simpson's ex-husband, Ari from Entourage, Vince Carter, Edgerrin James, Lavar Arrington, Plexiglass Burriss, Lito Sheppard, Brian Westbrook, Oscar De La Hoya, Charles Oakley and a whole bunch of women-folk dressed as if they were on the arm of some real rich dude in Vegas who's about to kick and leave his multi-billion-dollar estate to the last chick who, um, pleases him.

Thought the fight itself wasn't legendary, the event - and what Hopkins accomplished - certainly was. Here's hoping he holds true to his retirement guarantees, which he reiterated time and again in the wee hours as, two blocks away, about 30 A.C. cop cars lit up the night skies outside Jay Z's 40/40 Club.


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