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18 June 2006

Sunday morning soccer thoughts

Man, the U.S. looked pretty damn good yesterday, especially considering the ref did everything he could to screw them over. Christ, a red card and a second yellow for two ejections on ticky-tack slide tackles? Totally blew to the point that I'd expect more from a Colonial Conference ref in a Township vs. Haddonfield game. Regardless, things are looking a lot better for them now than they did before the game. If they beat Ghana on Thursday (no easy task, but possible) and Italy beats the Czech Republic (again, no easy task, but possible), they're going on to the knockout round. That's the good news. Here's the bad: they'll get Brazil in the first elimination game unless Austraila manages to pull off some sort of a miracle against them in a couple hours. Watch that game if you get a chance, though. Brazil, you know about. But Australia's fun to watch; they look like an oversized high-school team that makes up for a lack of skill (in comparison to the big boys) by bulldogging everybody in sight. Should be a really interesting game, but I figure it's Brazil 2-0. (Photo of a bloodied Brian McBride from the Associated Press' Ivan Sekretarev)


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