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11 June 2006

Brief thoughts on the Hopkins fight

So as not to tip my hat for this upcoming week's column, I'll keep this short and sweet: Bernard Hopkins was utterly dominant against Antonio Tarver last night. I had the fight at 118-110 (all three judges had it 118-109; I didn't count Tarver's glove hitting the mat as a two-point knockdown). Regardless, Boardwalk Hall was utterly insane (a ton of athletes from the great, like MJ and Charles Oakley to the mediocre, like Vince Carter and Plaxico Burress, were on hand) and Hopkins never let the bigger guy get into the fight.
It looked at a couple points like he might win by knockout (alas, not a TKO in the 11th), but this one was over on the scorecards by the 8th or 9th round. (He admitted after the fight that he tried to go for the knockout in the 12th but then realized he could suffer the fate of every other Philadelphia-based team or athlete or horse and lose in the most unimaginable way.)
I'll have a lot more come Thursday's paper, but set your TiVo now for the Saturday rebroadcast on HBO. It was a legendary performance by a legendary boxer, one who sat around until the wee hours talking up fans as if he didn't want his career to be over - hell, I didn't get home till after 3 a.m. - as it had better be so he can go out like Elway. (This photo by Getty Images; great ones coming Thursday from Mike Regan)


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