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13 May 2006


Sorry folks, it's been a while since I thought to log in and put the column up, what with the City Paper launching its new blog this week.
Here's a recent one that only a neo-nazi, or Steelers fan, could love ....

May 4-10, 2006
Him the Midnight Bumbler
By Brian Hickey
Wake up, white people. Those conniving Jews are at it again. And this time, they're conspiring to flood YOUR country with as many job-hoarding Mexicans as they can sneak past the border patrols. Disagree? Then explain how "eight million lucrative white-collar jobs have been handed over to alien non-Whites in the past decade."
It's not like this is anything new, either. U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein, the "Jewess" that she is, has been handing high-tech and university jobs over to the "invaders" for years. If you don't rise up and do something about it, the "largest invasion in world history"—the one led by "the Jewish dictatorship"—will spell the end of a pure America.
These are the messages I was bombarded with when I walked out of my front door Friday morning. They came in the form of three photocopied articles from the Web site of National Vanguard, a splinter group of the National Alliance, once the nation's largest neo-Nazi organization. Somebody, protected by the darkness of night, rolled them up in a rubber band and dropped them on my front steps. And as I made my way to the train station, I realized I wasn't alone. They'd also papered the rest of my block, and the surrounding streets.

Here's the rest of it...


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