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31 May 2006

Letters on the gun-checkpoint column

Traffic stops as a measure to control guns in the city is at most a half-measure [Philly Blunt, “Stops, or They’ll Shoot,” Brian Hickey, May 25, 2006]. Think how many gun-packing punks are still too young to drive. We need even stronger measures. Sadly, politics will prevent any meaningful solutions.
America is the new Brazil.
Pranas Danta
Center City

I think the targeting of drunk drivers is out of control. It’s based on MADD’s misrepresentation of the numbers — [former U.S. Supreme Court Justice William] Rehnquist said checkpoints are “probably unconstitutional … but [necessary] considering the carnage on our highways...” There is no carnage. It’s all hype feeding the prison system and MADD coffers. I like your analogy, but it is saying trample on the Constitution to catch drunks, then trample on it to catch illegal gun toters. Police and these presently constituted courts don’t need encouragement to dismantle the Constitution. I’d rather spend my energy saving democracy and promoting social justice as a way of saving lives than your route — but I like your writing.
Dianne McQuillen
Buffalo, NY

What a fantastic proposal you offer. Throw the Fourth Amendment out the window. Well, it was born in Philadelphia, and we can durn well trash it if we please. Let’s not stop there. How about placing conditions on the First Amendment ... like, news writers must stick to the facts! Oh, wait, then the media would lose 95 percent of their content.
James Sergovic
Upper Darby


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