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13 January 2006

Let the letters begin

Well, you bash the church, and you're going to hear about it. The truth hurts, doesn't it?

To the editor:
I know it's fashionable these days to bash Catholic priests. We've moved beyond blind admiration for the Fathers Flanagan, Sullivan and O'Malley. But the vicious attacks that Brian Hickey leveled against the clergy via his fictitious clerics (deviants all) just fans the flames of anti-Catholicism and indicates to what extent your paper is willing to be a sycophantic mouthpiece for the so-called 'progressive' secularists out there in readership land. I'm frankly sick and tired of having my faith ridiculed by every columnist (lapsed Catholic or not) who thinks it's fun to use 'pervert' and 'priest' (or variations thereof) in the same sentence.

And the hypocrisy of City Paper is breathtaking, given the fact that the back of your paper is usually filled with unimaginable filth that poses as 'advertisements.' Maybe you should clean your own house before throwing stones at the admittedly untidy houses of others.


Christine Flowers

Aww, shucks, and here I thought priests who take advantage of YOUNG BOYS might rank a little higher on the sin chart than adults who pay for prostitution. But I digress, and introduce you to the strange world of one Leeroy Jenkins. (Good luck getting him out of your head):


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