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19 January 2006

Jan. 19 column

January 19, 2006
Platform Diving
by Brian Hickey
About five or six shots of SoCo into a recent Friday night at the bar, the conversation took a marked turn for the absurd. Not quite sure how it got this far, but before long, some strange words left my mouth:
"You know, I really would make a good mayor."
The delusions quickly leapt from semi-grand into the realm of grandeur, thanks to instant polling results from Fairmount that projected the 2007 race at Hickey, 6; Undecided, 2; and everybody else, nada. (OK, maybe someone said they'd vote Milton, but I reckon they were lyin'.)
It meant little that, after another short glass, all six pro-Hickey voters started angling for high-paying administration gigs. The way I saw it, they weren't exposing themselves as fair-weather supporters; they're simply well-learned students of Philly politics.
So after the seventh or eighth shot, the smoky corner-bar air smelled like victory.
The eighth or ninth brought bold declarations of a mandate.

So yeah, I may run for Mayor of Philly next year...


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